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Spring is Here

Spring is now officially upon us, and we have moved to Daylight Saving Time. It's nice to to finally enjoy ever growing longer days and to look forward to the resurgence of plant life and warmer weather.

Installation season has been in full swing for quite some time now throughout the jurisdiction. Our Annual Installation of Officers here at Duke of Kent Lodge is during our regular meeting in April. This year, however, that date happens to fall on Easter Monday, so we have moved our regular meeting, including our Installation, to Saturday, April 15th. Check our calendar on the main page of our website for details.

Our lodge has weathered the Covid storm rather well and our membership has actually seen a revival as we've transitioned out of the pandemic period during 2022. This trend continues in 2023; just recently in January we raised two Master Masons, while in March we welcomed an affiliation and initiated a new Brother into our Fraternity.

So here is to Spring and longer, brighter days ahead!

Happy travels to you as you advance on the path of life.

Spring Sunrise


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