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June 8, 2022 Official Visit to Mechanics Lodge No. 78

On June 8, 2022, brethren of Duke of Kent Lodge No. 121 made an official visit to Mechanics Lodge No. 78 in Caledonia, Nova Scotia.

Making the visit were WM Bob Brown, SW Brian Evans, Sec. Fabio Sani and SD Scott Burke. After meeting up at the Grand Lodge office in Halifax the brethren travelled together, enjoying fellowship during the roughly 90 minute drive.

This was our first time visiting Mechanics No. 78 and despite having heard of this wonderful building in arriving we knew we were in for a treat.

It was obvious from the start this lodge hall was a special building. After exiting the car, we instantly recognized numerous Masonic symbols high atop the exterior of the building. Making our way to the front of the building we noticed, as we approached the front door, that the entrance had a porch with two properly adorned pillars, one on the left, the other on the right. Wow... What a first impression!

Proceeding in to the ground level of the lodge building we were approached and warmly greeted by the members of Mechanics No. 78 who shared stories of the lodge, the building and the surrounding area.

We then moved upstairs, pausing to sign the register book and take note of some historical artifacts and pictures outside the lodge room before going in.

Walking through the door into the lodge room, gave each of us pause, and our own “wow


Looking East from the Outer Door

During the meeting it’s surprising the Worshipful Master did not admonish us, thinking we were not paying attention. We most definitely were paying attention, but generally did so with our heads tilted upwards, looking upwards at the starry decked heaven and especially a very remarkable and unique chandelier.

Chandelier viewed from the east side of the lodge

The Junior Deacon told us the story of how he had discovered this beautiful chandelier years ago in the attic. It was missing a couple of globes, which fortunately were replaced after what was no doubt an exhaustive search by a local merchant who ultimately found the needed spheres somewhere in Europe. In its’ day, these lamps were oil lit but have since been converted to electric.

The components of an an ingenious system used to raise and lower the entire chandelier are mostly intact and still in place. There was a handle extending down that one could use to lower the chandelier to just above the altar, add any needed oil, light the wicks and then reverse the process to raise it back up to it’s proper place. Simply wonderful!

Unique Chandelier

With the gavel sounding in the East it was time for the Lodge to set to work, as the brethren of Mechanics Lodge had a very serious, and sad, piece of business to deal with – voting on whether to surrender their charter or not. As is happening elsewhere in this and many other jurisdictions, the brethren find their lodge faced with a dwindling and aging membership, rising costs, and no new members joining the lodge. Sadly, painfully, it’s the right thing to do.

The Brethren of Mechanics Lodge No. 78 GLNS

There was an informal festive board after the meeting with all the brethren enjoying time together, sharing more stories of the lodge and brothers who had come this way before us. A safe return drive home capped off the evening.

We’re all looking forward to our next visit... I wonder which lodge might be next?


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