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Is Santa a Freemason?

Is Santa a Freemason?

This is a question that has been debated through the ages.

Please consider the following points and ask yourself: does this remind you of anyone?

A worthy gentleman, who:

  • is (one must admit) getting on a bit in years and is perhaps a little overweight

  • wears a very distinctive costume when performing his activities

  • provides opportunity for friends and visitors to meet in fellowship

  • is surrounded by secrecy and mystery, dispenses goodwill and the charity of gifts all over the world and is there doing it year after year, indeed, for centuries!

This description could fit either Santa or a Freemason. Yet this is merely circumstantial evidence. More concrete proof is needed.

All reports have him coming from the North Pole. Since the sun rises in the east to open and govern the day, Santa would have to begin in the East and move towards the West to provide ample time for his journey. Therefore Santa must begin his journey in the north-east corner of the world. Very curious.

Consider further; he undertakes this great journey to provide gifts but once a year. Ask any Lodge Treasurer, who no doubt will agree that this is the frequency with which most Brethren provide their charitable gift to the lodge.

What of the secrecy, the mystery? We are admonished to keep and conceal the secret of Santa, and never reveal it.

Historical records of Santa are scattered and inconclusive. They clearly show Santa has been around for centuries, of this we can all agree. But they do not pinpoint with any specific accuracy where and how it all started.

All of this proves nothing; the mystery of Santa and whether he is a Freemason has persisted, unabated for generations.

Until now.

Here is irrefutable photographic evidence, recorded at the December 2022 regular meeting of Duke of Kent Lodge, that Santa is indeed a Freemason and attends lodge regularly.

Santa and his elves?

Merry Christmas


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